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rp [May. 22nd, 2012|02:44 pm]
"Alice.. Alice.. Alice! Wake up Alice! It's time for tea..! It's time.. for.. tea!" the Mad Hatter stands over the young girl that appeared in his lab that morning. She'd been out cold all day but it was time for her to wake up - he was far too impatient for her to stay asleep. The guards had brought her into his lab, dressed in the same blue dress as the last girl had worn and her blonde hair pushed back with a hairband. His bed was a single matress on the floor inside his lab which is what the girl was passed out on at the moment. "ALICE. ITS TIME FOR TEA!" he started to yell, angry that she wasn't waking up.

Hanna gave a small moan as she started to slowly wake up to the sound of someone yelling at her to wake up, her eyes slowly open till she saw that someone was standing over her and she blinked slowly as she tried to figure out just who it was and why they looked so famillier to her. "Dr. Tetch?" She asked softly as she slowly started to sit up, holding her head as everything started to spin, wondering just where she was and just how had she gotten her. "You can't be Dr' Tetch." She said, more to herself then to him, after all he was suppose to be in Arkham right now...was he not?

"Get up! Get up! Tea must be supped!" he started to jump up and down, still impatient that she wasn't getting up yet. He then paused and looked down at her suspiciously "You are Alice, aren't you? You must be Alice. You have a blue dress and yellow hair. Alice has a blue dress and yellow hair. Oh come on Alice, it's time for tea!" he leans over at her, waiting expectedly for her to get up.

Hanna's eyes widened when he called her Alice before she quickly got to her feet and started to shake her head. "N-No, I'm not Alice, I'm Hanna." She said, gasping when she looked down at herself to see that she was in a blue dress just like what Alice wore in the cartoon movie that she had loved as a child. "Wh-Where are my clothes?" She asked as she looked back up at his with a shocked look on her face.