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(no subject) [Apr. 1st, 2007|05:44 pm]
Full Name: William Dean Martin
born: June 15 1981 Naptown Maryland USA
food: peanut butter
movie: The Nightmare Before Christmas
Show: The Simpsons
band: Silverchair and MUSE
Billy Martin was in the movie 'Not Another Teen Movie'
Nick Name: Lil Billy
Height: 5'11
does not have 127 hampsters! it was a joke guys! He owns the clothing line: Level 27
He was the lead singer for a band called Overflow
Plays PRS guitars (Paul Reed Smith) he designed his own PRS
One of his bestfriends is a girl who plays guitar in a band called Special Guest
Other Things He loves: Drawing, Comic books, Cartoons, going online, music in general, sleeping, tattoos
Things He Doesn't Love: People who dont use their blinkers, really lazy people, meat, annoying people, turtlenecks, snakes and spiders
Musical Influences: Silverchair, Incubus, Deftones, Michael Jackson, Lit, Linkin Park, Orgy, KoRn, Muse
Gear: Paul Reed Smith (PRS) Guitars, Mesa-Boogie Amps, Boss effect pedals
Pets: Bunji, Sam, Cash (dogs), Nelly, Nelson, Stellar (cats). He also has spiders. AND NO! HE DOES NOT HAVE 120 HAMSTERS! I HAVE PROOF!
Food: Pizza, food with peanut butter in it, sushi, bean burritos. He's a vegetarian.
Color: Black
Movies: All of the Star Wars movies, The Crow, Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Star Wars: Episode I: The Phantom Menace
T.V. Show: The Simpsons
Cereal: Anything with Marshmallows in it: Lucky Charms, Boo Berry, Count Chocula
Holiday: Christmas
Restaurant: Taco Bell
Ice Cream: Ben and Jerry's Peanut Butter Cup
Superhero: Batman
Billy is the baby of the group, and usually
doesn't have much to say.
SIGN: Gemini
Nicknames: Billy, Lil Billy, Billina
Personal Info: "Before i started playing music i was really into art. I've been drawing since i was very young and if i weren't in a band i'd probably be an animator or a comic book artist. Another hobby of mine, of course, girls. I love just being in the company of girls. I'm really into girls that try to be a little different from everybody else but are very classy at the same time. As far as favourite foods go, i'm a vegetarian. If I had to choose a favourite food it would be Peanut Butter."
Classic Quote: "I think that my mom likes The Anthem. She always gets excited when that comes on the radio. i think deep down my mom is a rocker but not on the outside."
On The Road: "I especially like being on tour with people that we're friends with because it's so much easier to go from bus to bus and hang out with friends."
Fan - tastic: "I got to go hang out with Silverchair for day in Australia. That was the best. They were making Diorama. I got to meet Dan and hang out in the studio for a bit."
Did You know: Billy is a HUGE Silverchair fan. He even has the album artwork from Neon Ballroom tattooed on his arm! He's also got his own cool clothing label, called Level 27 clothing.
Billy's parents divorced when he was in the second grade
Billy is double jointed.
Eye Color: Blue
Billy has a website for all of his art called "Bloodzilla" and a clothing line, Level 27 Clothing, with his best friend, Steve Sievers. He is also currently working on a childrens book called "Damious McDreary: A Boy And His Bat".
is the guitarist and keyboardist for Good Charlotte. He has also recently become the band's second backing vocalist.
He is a vegetarian and is active for PETA
He is 5'11"
His favorite foods include peanut butter and bean burittos
His musical influences include Silverchair, Green Day, Nirvana, Michael Jackson, Incubus, Deftones, Lit, Linkin Park, Orgy and Korn
His favorite movies are Nightmare Before Christmas and Who Framed Roger Rabbit?
He plays Paul Reed Smith PRS guitars, Mesa Boogie Amps and BOSS effect pedals
He played in a band called Overflow with friends Steven Sievers and J.D before joining Good Charlotte. Steve Sievers, a member of Overflow, is currently helping with LeVel 27.
Favourite movie: Anything by Tim Burton or Jim Henson, Star Wars, LOTR, Animation, Zombie & Vampire stuff
Favourite band or musician: Silverchair, Muse, Deftones, NIN, Depeche Mode
Favourite artist: Gris Grimly, Humberto Ramos, Jonathan Wayshak, Skottie Young, Sean Galloway, Egon SchieleFavourite poet or writer: H.P. LovecraftOperating
Favourite cartoon character: Roger Rabbit
William Dean Martin (Billy Martin) (born June 15, 1981) is the lead guitarist and keyboardist for Good Charlotte.

Born in Annapolis, Maryland, Martin has been playing guitar since he was in 6th grade when he received his first guitar for Christmas. His first band, was Overflow, where he was the singer and guitarist, started with his friend and DJ and Steve Sievers, who now helps Martin run his clothing line, LeVeL 27. Billy Martin is a vegetarian and is a huge animal lover.

While recording GC's third album The Chronicles of Life and Death, he and Benji Madden switched guitar roles. (Madden was the original lead guitarist while Martin was the original secondary guitarist.) Martin also plays keyboards on the album, with the exception of "The Truth", and occasionally plays keyboards at their concerts. Martin, who enjoys drawing, created the artwork for The Chronicles of Life and Death album sleeve and cover. He also designed all the artwork for the videos "Predictable" and "The Chronicles of Life and Death".
He plays Paul Reed Smith (PRS) guitars, Mesa-Boogie Amps, and Boss Effect Pedals.
Billy Martin co-wrote "Mountain" and "Ghost of You" off of the Chronicles of Life and Death CD.
Martin's favourite director is Tim Burton and his favourite film is Burton's "The Nightmare Before Christmas".
Billy Martin and Benji Madden sang background-vocals in the Song "Last Train Home", for Lostprophets Album "Start Something".

Full Name: Benjamin Levi Madden
Hometown: Waldorf, Maryland
Height: 5' 7"
Eye Colour: Brown
Nicknames: Benji, Benj, Kid Vicous
Clothing Line: MADE
Pets: Cashdodd
Position is band: Guitar, Some vocals
Favorite Foods: Pizza, anything free
Favorite Colour: Black
Favorite TV Show: Everybody Loves Raymond
Favorite Cereal: Count Chocula, Boo Berry
Favorite Movie: The Boondock Saints
Favorite Restaurants: Acme Bar, Grille in Annopolis
Favorite Superhero: The Toxic Avenger
Favorite Holiday: Christmas
Benjamin Levi Combs was born in Waldorf, Maryland, Benji attended La Plata High School in La Plata, Maryland. Benji has a twin brother Joel, an older brother named Josh, who is a DJ, and a younger sister named Sarah who is also in a band. During his teens, he and his twin brother legally changed their names from their father's surname 'Combs' to their mother's maiden name 'Madden'. His father left them when he was 16 on Christmas Eve.
In an interview in the issue of Kerrang! magazine, Benji revealed he still had the band's van that they used to tour in when they first got signed.
Benjamin Levi Madden (born March 11, 1979) is the guitarist and backup vocalist of the band Good Charlotte.
Nickname : Kid Vicious, Benj.
Older twin brother of Joel Madden
Guitarist/singer for the band Good Charlotte.
Has brown eyes.
Attended La Plata High School in Maryland.
Has a dog, Cashdogg.
Began teaching himself guitar at 16
Oldest twin by 5 minutes
Was a shampoo technician before becoming a guitarist.
Began working at age 12.
His parents are Roger and Robin.
Has an older brother, Joshua, a younger sister, Sarah, and a twin brother, Joel.
He is 2 inches shorter and a bit heavier than his twin brother Joel.
He's been a vegetarian since 2003.
His favourite food is "Free Food" and favourite cereal is Count Chocula or Boo Berry.
He plays different guitars, the one he's playing in the Girls & boys video (the green one) is an 'Ernie Ball Silhouette Special' and he uses two amps - a 'Soldano Decatone' head into a 'Marshal 4X12' and a 'Budda' combo (depending on what sound he wants to make).
Eye Color: Brown
Hometown: Waldorf, Maryland
Nicknames: Benji, Benj, Benjahole
Position in Band: Guitars/Vocals
Horoscope Sign: Pisces
Bands he likes: Minor Threat, MxPx, Green Day, Rancid, Sex Pistols, The Clash, Operation Ivy, and most punk music.
Sport: Baseball and Thumb Wrestling
Season: Spring
Quote: "This is going to hurt me a lot more than it will hurt you"
Cereal: Count Chocula or Boo Berry
Lucky Number: 9
Super Hero: The Toxic Avenger
Restaurant: Acme Bar & Grille in Annapolis
Hobby: People watching and Getting tatooed
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(no subject) [Mar. 22nd, 2007|11:22 am]
The Green Day Authority
Take the What Member of Green Day am I most Like? Quiz at GDA
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(no subject) [Feb. 27th, 2007|11:53 am]
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(no subject) [Feb. 24th, 2007|08:37 pm]
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(no subject) [Feb. 20th, 2007|01:44 pm]
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story I wrote for school [Feb. 8th, 2007|02:01 pm]
[mood |thoughtfulthoughtful]

Jumping at the sudden wrong key, Suguru looked over to the older boy in the room, who was wincing as he started to tune his guitar.

Hiro knew that the green haired keyboardist was staring at him so he simply looked up and asked. “What is it?”

Suguru simply shook his head before walking over to the red head and taking his guitar pick from him. “You need to take a break; you keep messing up on songs you know by heart.” He said softly.

Hiros only reaction was to jump from his seat on the couch and try to grab his pick back from the smaller teen.

“I was up late last night studying for a test and Mr. K woke me up really early to come to practice!” He said as he attempted to get his pick back again but it seemed the harder he tried the less successful he was in getting it back.

After nearly two hours of running around chasing Suguru around the room, Hiro finally gave up and sat back down on the couch.

“Alright! I give up you win I’ll take a break.” He growled crossing his arms over his chest.

The small keyboardist walked over to the taller guitarist and sat down next to him with a smug smile on his face before saying. “You could have just asked for it back you know, I would have gave you the pick if you had asked.”
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would you? [Feb. 6th, 2007|12:00 pm]
[Current Location |school]
[mood |discontentdiscontent]
[music |Mama - MCR]

Hey I’m looking for someone to write some stories for me with these themes.

Blind Date
First Date
First Kiss
Authors Choice
First Meeting
First Love
Second Base
Night at Home

The only rule is that I don’t want Death fics and that it has to be one of the following couples.

Hiro/Suguru from Gravitation
Benji Madden/Billy Martin
Shino/Kiba from Naruto
Jyrki/Jussi from The 69 Eyes
Jonne/Larry from Negative
Matt Good/Sonny Moore
Mike Durnt/Billie Joe Armstrong
Tre Cool/Billie Joe Armstrong
Tim Armstrong/Billie Joe Armstrong
Oliver Syke/Ryan Ross
Brendan Urin/Ryan Ross
Theon/Vivian from Lovex
Johnny Rotten/Sid Vicious
Synyster Gates/Zacky Vengeance
Matt Shadows/Zacky Vengeance
Jeff Hardy/Shannon Moore
Jarno/Jukka from The Dudesons
Lauri Ylonen/Aki Hakala from The Rasmus
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(no subject) [Nov. 17th, 2006|12:04 pm]
vampires are love
brought to you by the isLove Generator
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(no subject) [Nov. 14th, 2006|07:38 pm]

What type of Fae are you?
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(no subject) [Oct. 20th, 2006|12:02 pm]
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