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Robbie Rotten was confused. Now, this was an odd occurance for the… - benji_billy16 [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Sep. 25th, 2007|02:12 pm]

Robbie Rotten was confused. Now, this was an odd occurance for the villain... he was usually right on top of things, no matter how weird it got in Lazy Town. He was in the up and up, after all. Well, the down and down if you wanted to be technical, he did get his information from spying on everyone. He was damn proud of his spying skills, though. No one had ever caught him skulking about.

Except that damned hero.

Sportacus always waved at his blue spy glass, always jumped out of nowhere and scared him while he was spying, leaving him to wonder why the man even put up the undoubtedly evil behavior. Did he view it as some sort of game? Hide and seek, maybe? The hero was always telling him to play with him and the kids, to get involved. He didn't want to force him to do something he didn't want to, he never pressed when Robbie refused, but he never did give up. He was dead set on getting him to get involved and play stupid, childish games. It was almost endearing, the puppy dog eyes and the cute, boyish smile on his face as he asked him to play. He'd always lean in real close, making sure Robbie wasn't ignoring him, always speaking as though trying to discourage that accented lilt to his speech, and, as always, Robbie would turn him down.

But, for some reason, he hadn't been approached once all week.

No waves, no smiles... in fact, when Sportacus saw him, he'd stop what he was doing and bolt away. Robbie wasn't too worried at first, figuring that maybe his damnable crystal had gone off, but, when he hadn't been bothered once in so many days, he began to wonder if he'd finally gotten it through that hat-covered head that he didn't want to play. Was that even possible? For Sportacus to give up on something? For some reason... the thought that Sportacus didn't want to talk to him anymore made him feel a little... sad. Maybe it was boredom, he relied on bothering the children and Sportacus for entertainment outside of inventing. If he couldn't bother them, he was left with just the noise of them playing.

Glancing through his periscope, he muttered to himself, looking around for any sign of the blue elf. "I'm not worried," he murmured to himself, looking around. Stephanie was skipping rope, he could see Ziggy playing super hero, Trixie was teasing Stingy with some sort of trinket he proclaimed to be his and Pixel was sitting under a tree playing video games. The mayor was, as usual, the ever obedient lap dog to Miss Busybody, trimming her hedges and listening to her bark at him. He scowled in disgust, as if he'd ever let himself get that whipped. If anything, he'd have the other person doing chores for him, woman or not!

Huffing a little, he pushed his periscope away and turned, yelping in surprise when he bumped into a figure standing dangerously close to him.

"Sportadork! What are you doing in my house?!"

The hero stared at him blankly, almost as if he was confused as to why he was there, as well. His hat was in his hands instead of on his head and he looked ready to fall over. He looked... sick. "Robbie?"

The villain paused, tilting his head a little. "Are you feeling alright? I don't need you dying in my house... the children will think ill of me." Sportacus swayed a little, stumbling on his feet, one hand on his forehead. Robbie could see sweat on his forehead and temples and...

His ears.

His pointed ears.

He would've made a comment about that, but then he noticed the trouble Sportacus was having keeping his breathing regulated. It went from quiet, normal breathing, to almost feverish gasps for air, as though he'd forgotten he could breathe through his nose.

"Robbie..." Sportacus groaned softly, face flushed and eyes hazy. He dropped his hat to the ground, the goggles attached clattering on the floor, running a hand from his forehead over his hair. "I... feel weird..."

Robbie felt his face heating up as the elf slumped against him, panting and alternatingly tightening and releasing his grip on his shirt. "What the hell's the matter with you...?"

"I... need... need..." Sportacus tapered off into a wanton groan, hips rocking forward. Robbie's whole form tensed, knowing for sure that it wasn't sports candy in the man's pocket that had rubbed against his leg. He heard a purr and hips rocked again. "Robbie..."

"St-stop that..." Robbie fought against the heat swelling insinde him, trying to push the hero away. Sportacus fought against him, though, looking up at him almost pleadingly. "What's going on?"

"It... I..." Sportacus panted, eyes completely unfocused. "I can't stand it, Robbie... I... unnnn..." he forced himself against Robbie, arms going around the taller man's neck. "What is this...?"

Robbie blushed, "That's what I want to know," he grit out, fighting against his traitorous body. Sportacus touches and panted groans were doing such sinful things to his body, he was finding it harder and harder to resist. "Sportacus... stop... it..."

"I feel like I'm on fire..." Sportacus grit out, arching into him. "Mmmm, Robbie... Robbie please... you... you're helping... make it stop..." he panted and bit his lip to stifle a moan. "Make it stop, Robbie..."

It finally hit him as Sportacus rocked against him. The man was aroused out of his mind and didn't know why... some sort of elfin heat? The man did get drunk off honey and use magic... maybe, like some species, he went through a cycle. But, the guy had to be at least twenty-five, why start now?

Maybe it had something to do with him. Hadn't Sportacus been avoiding him the week before? Doing his best not to touch him, be around him? He hadn't really noticed, but Sportacus hadn't been as touchy-feely as he usually was... then this. Maybe he was in some form of 'heat'... and he was helping relieve the tension. Did Sportacus even know what sex was? That doing this would probably result in some... weird thing? Robbie had no idea how elves did things, for all he knew, he could be accepting a proposal from the man simply by letting this go on...

"Robbie... ahhhh..." Sportacus purred as he nuzzled against Robbie's neck, breathing in shallow pants. "Please..."

He broke. He was only human after all.

Wrenching the hero up by his shoulders, Robbie pressed his mouth to Sportacus'. It would tell him what his next move would be. Either Sportacus would sober and realize he was grinding and writhing against the genius and make him stop, or he'd continue, a little more pressure released. It seemed that the voice of reason was gone because Sportacus moaned, pressing closer and opening his mouth obediently. Robbie took that as a green flag, lowering his hands to grip the hero's ass and pull him as close as possible, preventing any bucking but making the grinding oh-so much more delicious. Sportacus agreed, pulling back to release a wanton moan, clutching the villain's vest at the shoulder in a white-knuckled grip.

"Robbie! Robbie, goooood!" Sportacus' cries and pleads for more melted into some sort of language Robbie didn't understand. It sounded like some form of Russian or something similar, a mix of adorable and oh-so sexy coming from the man's lips. Robbie decided it was time to move to a more accessible area as his legs felt weak. Drawing the man back into a deep kiss, the villain began to slow walk backwards. Sportacus let out a cute little whimper as he felt Robbie moving away, pressing more fully against him and following as close as possible. Robbie smirked at the man's reactions, taking the kiss deeper and forcing his tongue into the other man's mouth, after determining that there wasn't enough residual sugar to cause a melt down. No, no, musn't halt the fun now.

Sportacus made such a delectable sound, Robbie almost gave up and threw him on the ground right there. However, there was only a few more feet to go til they reached his seldom used bed and Robbie figured comfort over instant release was best. Sportacus seemed to be a quick learner in things outside of sports, demonstrating instant techniques, touching and writhing Robbie's tongue with his own. Heads tilted and mouths moved, half panted groans and almost unseen pauses for air led them to the bed. Robbie had managed to turn them around and, sucking lightly on Sportacus' lower lip, he nipped and pushed the man back. Sportacus let out a small yelp as he lost his balance and fell on the bed, looking around in a haze. Obviously, he was far too distracted to realize they had been moving at all.

"We're going to play a game," Robbie cooed, eyes dark with lust, kicking his shoes off before climbing on the bed between the hero's legs. "The rules are simple... you're not allowed to move your arms from..." he finished pulling the hero's boots off and tossing them over the edge of the bed, lifting the man's arms over his head, removing his braces as he did so, "here. If you do, I get to do something bad... if you do as you're told, you get a prize. Understand?"

Sportacus gave a low, keening whine, rolling his hips up against the man straddling him. Robbie smirked faintly, this kind of game wasn't so bad. "R-Robbie... ahh... f-fine... no moving... just please... please, make it stop..."

"Alright..." Robbie purred, kissing him again. Sportacus reacted instantly, pressing back and opening his mouth. Robbie rewarded the act of obedience by sucking on the man's tongue and, before he finally pulled away, he nipped and sucked at the man's lower lip before gently nuzzling his way to the hero's neck. Sportacus gasped and arched his head to the side to give him better access, to which Robbie obliged, biting and sucking and kissing. He paused on one spot in particular, biting down a little harder, earning a groan and an arch of the other man's back. He sucked on the mark, lapping at it with his tongue and pulling back to move lower. The spot was red and moist and he knew that in a few hours it would be a nice little mark of sin on the man. Hey, if he was getting in over his head with some sort of elfin thing, might as well stake his claim as dominant.

Unclipping the crystal from the hero's shirt, he lifted both over his head, giving the hands above the other man's head a warning squeeze. Sportacus whimpered, eyes just barely open, panting and face flushed. Sweat crowned his brow, making his bangs stick to his forehead and temples. "Mmmm" he rocked his hips in a slow metronome, trying, in vain, to relieve his tension. Robbie unbuttoned his vest and lifted his own shirts off his body, lowering down to the man's collar bone, biting and licking and leaving a moist trail down the man's front. Robbie could see the muscle's beneath his skin ripple, tense and relax. The man was built like a demigod with tanned skin and sex-appeal written all over him. Robbie felt a little inferior to him with his womanly frame. No muscular definition, but smooth stomach and chest. While Sportacus had abs you could wash your clothes on, Robbie was soft and almost curved... oh well, who cared? He was dominant due to knowledge, Sportacus would just have to deal with being sexy on his own time.

Sportacus' arms tensed with the strain of keeping them in place. He wanted to touch Robbie, return this pleasure... but they were playing a game and the rules were not to move. As a hero, he had to obey the rules, no matter how much he wanted to break them. Robbie knew this was the case, smirking to himself as he drew lower and lower, tracing the lines of the man's abs with his tongue. The muscle's twitched and Sportacus let out a soft sound, a cross between a moan and a laugh. Heh, ticklish? He stored that information away for later, delving his tongue down into the man's navel. Sportacus' back lurched up, a louder moan wrenching its way from his throat.

"Responsive... perhaps that's a zone of yours..." Robbie murmured, tracing around the indenture before thrusting his tongue down again. Sportacus gave a keening cry of the man's name and Robbie toyed with the idea of ending the hero simply by tongue-fucking his belly button. Realizing that wouldn't be much fun for the man's obvious first time, he continued down. Sporatcus felt fingers drift under the waist band of his pants before traveling to the front and releasing his belt. Something there twitched and he bit his lip to prevent a groan. Tugging the material down, Robbie was mindful of the man's erection, wondering how he could wear such tight pants without ever having a slip-up. With how virginal his responses were, it seemed only natural for him to be completely sexually frustrated... people like that walked around with erections all the time and it wasn't like he could hide it... must be an elf thing.

Nosing his way down from the hero's belly button, Robbie lifted his head, taking the man's erection in his hand. Sportacus let out a sobbing moan, bucking his hips as Robbie's hand traced from base to tip. A hissing groan as the action was repeated and Sportacus had to fist his hands in the pillow beneath his head. As pre-cum began to dew at the tip, Robbie swiped his tongue over the pearling head, earning a stifled moan. Replacing his hand with his tongue, the villain traced the shaft, licking and sometimes nipping at the hardened flesh.

"R-Robbie... Robbie, please... pleeeease..."

Taking pity on the obviously desperate man, Robbie took him. First, he swallowed the head, licking and sucking and tonguing the slit. Sportacus reacted anxiously, hips bucking and Robbie had to hold him down by his hips as he lowered more to stop from choking. Sucking and licking, he bobbed his head, wondering just how Sportacus would cum. Loudly and thrashing or quiet and tense? The idea sent sparks down his spine and he worked the man beneath him harder, scraping his teeth on the shaft as he drew his head up, nipping at the tip, wringing the base with his hand. The moans and cries melded together in the din and Sportacus tossed his head violently, doing his damnedest to keep his hands up. Suddenly, his whole body tensed and, with a loud cry of Robbie's name, he came in a torrent. Robbie tried to swallow it all, but some dribbled down his chin. To make matters worse, the man seemed to be super human in the sexual area, as well, still hard after such a release.

He leaned up, kissing Sportacus with a mouth coated in cum and lips sticky. Sportacus moaned in delight, still bonelessly lethargic after his first assisted release and eager for more. "Good boy," Robbie said softly, bare centimeters from the other man's lips. Sportacus stared at him with lidded eyes, breathing shallowly and close to some sort of pleasure induced sleep. "You've earned your reward, you can move your hands now,"

Sportacus didn't move them just yet. "That's my reward?"

"No, stupid," Robbie chastised, smirking beside himself. "Your reward is that you get to ask me anything you want... when you're in a better frame of mind, and I'll have to answer... now, though, you can touch me back. We're getting into the fun stuff now..."

"Fun? That was fun..."

"This is even more fun," Robbie reached under the pillow, drawing out a bottle of oil. Sportacus gasped softly as it wafted by. It smelled so much like Robbie always did... like butterscotch and rose petals... a summer shower... sinfully delicious. He uncapped the bottle and let some fall into his hands, one taking hold of Sportacus' erection again. Sportacus wasted no time in moving his hands to Robbie's shoulders, pulling him back for another kiss. He couldn't get enough of the other man's mouth and the delectable things it did to him. He gave a yelp, though, when some slick began to probe him. "Calm down," Robbie practically cooed, giving his erection a tug. "Just another round in the game,"

Relaxing a little, Sportacus let his hands wander. Tracing smooth skin, he let his fingers grip onto Robbie's pants. He never liked them that much... tight and nice to look at, yes, but hideous all the same. Maybe if they were slung a little lower... like his were. He'd have to get Robbie to change the look a little... with that thought, he tugged them down. Robbie didn't seem to care and, as he pushed in, Sportacus paused, arching a little at the intrusion. It felt weird... but not necessarily bad, just... odd. He wasn't used to it, that was for sure. Robbie probed as deep as he could, shifting and curling before introducing the second. Sportacus hissed as he was stretched, almost doubled over and resisting the urge to bite into Robbie's bare shoulders.

Scissoring and wriggling, Robbie sought out that special place in Sportacus that would make the elf sing. He found it, he supposed, when the hero arched and hissed, fingernails digging into his skin almost painfully. Continuing to pressure the spot, he soon got three fingers in before deciding it was high time to get the show on the road. Pulling out, he didn't miss the desperate groan and whimper of protest, simply sucking on the hero's neck as he pushed him back down and began to finish with his pants. Tossing them to the floor, along with Sportacus', he kiss the hero soundly, wringing his neglected need in the oil, giving himself a minor hiss of pleasure at the touch.

"Robbie... wha... unn..." Sportacus let the man part his legs and, as he leaned up to kiss him, saw stars through a searing pain. Well, not that bad... but it was uncomfortable. Robbie moved as slowly as possible until he was completely sheathed. Allowing the hero a chance to adjust, he slowly rocked out and back in. Sportacus gave a soft keening cry, gripping Robbie's shoulders as the man continued to rock into him. Slowly the pain eased away and he was left with a pleasure he'd never experienced before. Robbied mirrored his pants and moans and, before long, he gripped his erection once more, stroking in time with his thrusts.

Feeling his end arriving, Robbie growled, catching Sportacus in a forceful kiss. A purr came from the elf, coupled with a final cry. Robbie grunted, following the smaller man. He, somehow, managed to support himself over the man, flushed and sweating, as he pulled out.

"That... that was..." Sportacus gave a soft moan, unable to find words to express how good he felt.

There was a long pause as the two regained their breath and, sitting in a comfortable silence, Robbie didn't expect what happened next. Pinned to the mattress by his shoulders with a warm breath on his ear, words practically purred.

"I want to play again..."