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Ideas I have for fics staring Ville Juurikkala and Jussi 69. Vinegar:… - benji_billy16 [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Apr. 8th, 2007|05:50 pm]
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Ideas I have for fics staring Ville Juurikkala and Jussi 69.
Vinegar: Jussi has to explain what he's doing with a bottle of vinegar in the shower naked when Ville comes home early one day.
Gun: What's Jussi to do when he finds a gun in his boyfriends closet?
Nerdy: Ville hires a shy nerdy looking assistant.
Kitty: Ville finds Jussi's lost kitty.
Wedding: Ville is shooting pictures at a wedding that Jussi is the best man at.
Blind Date: Jyrki sets Jussi up on a blind date with is friend Jonne's brother Ville.
Newspaper: Jussi finds a job as a model in the newspaper.
Mpreg: what's Ville to do when he finds out his boyfriend Jussi is pregnant?
Cheat: Ville loves to cheat at strip poker with his boyfriend.
Star: while star gazing Ville gets a peek at the boy next door changing.
Tears: Ville comforts Jussi after his mom dies.
Sing to me: after hearing Jussi singing in the shower, Ville is determined to get Jussi to sing for him.
Video: Ville finally convinces Jussi to let him tape them.
Ring: Ville gives Jussi a verry special ring.
Concert: Ville is a big time rock star and Jussi is his biggest fan who is willing to do anythig for him, even give up his V-card.
High School: Ville volentears to show the cute new boy around the school.
OOPS!: Jussi gets turned in to a cat and can only be turned back by a kiss from his one true love.
Runaway: Jussi runs away from his abusive boyfriend and mets a hansome stranger who helps him.
Amusment Park: Ville and Jussi got to an amusment park for their frist date.
Puppy: Ville gets jealous when Jussi gets a puppy and gives it more attenion.

well that's what I have so far. any one want to wright one of them?

[User Picture]From: panur_links
2007-08-05 06:42 am (UTC)
Greetings oldies!

Here team Hermions, new owners of the ASAKURA TWINCEST CLUB, contacting you on regards of its new opening!

Yes! We survived the strikethrough , somehow!

Yes, we are opening again!

Yes, this time (hopefully, with everyone’s help) we are going to move a bit more!

Yes, we do hope to survive the boldthrough as well!

(and are saving everything up in case we don’t….)

So please, come back, re introduce yourself to the newbie’s! Dust off that fanfic! Peel the cobwebs off that fanart! We are vintage and we are IN, and these youngsters don’t know what they’re missing!

Help us spread the Asakura twin lurrve!

Team Hermions

P.S: Anyway, please, at least come take a look, we have super-awesome new layout! And- in the case you no longer are a fan, but still have fanwork of any kind- it’d be much appreciated if you re-posted it anyway, if just to share your old work with the rest of the fans. We promise we’ll do our best to keep this com rolling, and that no post shall go unanswered and no fanfic unreviewed!!
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